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    I was given a Flo2D project that is in the wrong coordinate system (NAD 83 US Feet State Plane Missouri West, when it should be …Missouri East). I want to add an aerial image, but I first need to re-project it. In ArcMap, I export the SID to a Tiff w/ .tfw (since Mr SID is proprietary), using only the data frame to create an image with smaller coverage/filesize. I then re-projected the Tiff. I receive an error.
    Error 0308021151: Could not open file
    Error #1001: Could not open the image file
    I attempted to trace the error. I backed up and imported the Mr Sid successfully (can’t see it since it’s in the wrong coord syst, but I did not get an error). However, I receive an error when attempting to import either Tiff (original projection and re-projected version). So it seems the issue is with the Tiff.
    Filesize info is relevant. Mr Sid is 9.6GB, Clipped Tiff is 88MB, Reprojected Tiff is 42 MB.
    Anyone have any suggestions?


    Can you open the image in Lesson 1? If not, please run the patch. See Installation Problems first post on the forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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