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    Just wanted to know if there is a way we could use GIS fishnets as grids and import it into GDS?




    Not directly. So a fishnet is a polygon feature class for a rectangular grid in which you define the origin, cell size, length and width and coverage for the grid.

    The feature class will need to be converted into a topo.dat file so that it can be imported into GDS. This shouldn’t be to difficult but keep in mind a few considerations.

    1. FLO-2D uses Square Grids only.
    2. Topo.dat is the centroid x y z of the GDS grid in a space delimited text file.
    3. Topo.dat is ordered by grid element number so Grid Element 1 is the first line.
    4. The order of grid elements does not matter. GDS will sort out the row column organization from the x y coordinate.
    5. Take the cont.dat and toler.dat from Lesson 2 and copy them into your file with topo.dat.
    6. You may also need mannings_n.dat. Look at any other project to see how to create it.

    GDS will need this:

    topo.dat – create this from your fishnet
    mannings_n.dat – create this using notepad++
    cont.dat- borrow this one from lesson 2
    toler.dat – borrow this one from lesson 2

    You should be able to write the centroid coordinates for your feature class grid cells to the attribute table. The table will be organized by FID and you can save it to a *.csv file. Replace the commas with spaces and delete any extraneous data. Remember you only want x y z of each centroid. It will probably be written like column row order. That means your Grid Element 1 would be upper left corner.

    If you don’t understand any of this then the simple answer is no. If you are an medium level GIS user you can look a the topo.dat from any other project and understand what I am saying.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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