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    I was just wondering how a typical .out file (from hec) to be used for the hydrograph data should look like? Is there a specific format?

    Or how do I get the proper .out file from HEC-RAS to be imported into GDS?



    Our hydrograph data is pretty simple to create. Take a look at the *.hyd file from any example project. You will note some simple things from those.

    0 23.92
    0 0
    0.08 0
    0.17 0
    0.25 0
    0.33 0

    You get the start time end time
    Hydrograph pairs

    You can build them yourself using any filename and assign them using the in/out condition dialog box.

    They are space delimited so take out any tabs that might come from other programs. So if you want to get data from a RAS unsteady hydrograph, you can copy that data from the Data Tables or I think you can save that data to a text file. Just make sure you convert all tabs to spaces.

    Or Take a look at any inflow.dat file. You’ll see that they are also super easy to construct using a text editor or copy paste from Excel.

    They require a control line with a grid element and the inflow hydrograph in hours. Again, take out any spaces you see.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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